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Me & my Studio

Tal Shalom Studio is a branding company that has evolved to provide a holistic approach to its clients. Incorporating marketing strategy and conceptualization, copy, and design; encompassing the total scope of a project. With a clear understanding of today’s market, the studio brings in the experience of talented professionals including photographers, designers, programmers and copywriters to create clear, positive and compelling messages.


An art director at my own studio, that has earned an impeccable reputation in the industry for my natural instinct to mold a brand from conception to completion. Adhering to a ‘Total Design’ approach, over the last seventeen years, I have shaped the way clients represent ideas from visual context to design, creating a methodology that covers strategic thinking and planning, with practical design elements. I believes that a powerful concept is the key to getting your message across both textually and visually and employs her experience and intuition to develop personal and long lasting relationships and gain a profound understanding of what her clients wish to say. with a passion for technology and aesthetics, I incorporates vast skills in Print, Broadcast, Interactive design, Photography & Illustration to create a brand that will attract my clients target audiences.


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Selected Clients, Rosseto, Academia Scientiarum Israelitica, Comways, Speaxit, PandaTech, Morag Tishler Lawyers, Zucker Bakery, Frog Aspect, Alexandra Mor LTD, Friends of Assuta Ashdod, Friends of Kaplan medical center, Gallery 51 Modiin, Ronit Furst Hand Painted Eyewear

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